On demand

As with movies, series, TV on demand, this is the era where everything that you want is at your fingertips…


You have ideas for your brand, but no capacities to realise the artwork? You have plenty of images on your mood board and know that you want to create a print out of it but don’t know how? You have hand drawings that you want to use on a garment but need artwork cleaning and recolouring ? You need help with your brand ? You want a unique print design with your own logo? You need an update and a re-colouring of your artwork?


This is where you can ask !


This a a non exhaustive list of services that Graphyam Studio offers:

. Design of a specific print on demand

. Re-colouring existing artwork

. Mood boards

. Computer Assisted Drawings (Fashion CAD)

. Print placement (into garment / furniture shapes)

. Print instructions sheets

. Full technical packs, ready to be sent to factories


Catering to your specific and divers demand(s), Graphyam Studio is happy to discuss any type of projects ideas with you.


Quotation on demand.


Please contact adeline@graphyamstudio.com for more information.